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Welcome to the Ranch.We are located 13 miles SW of Eureka, South Dakota. For 45 years we have run a cow calf herd that we use our horses to manage.They see a lot of open prairie.We feel we produce horses with sound minds,great dispositions,and athletic ability.
We stand two stallions
 LS STRAIGHT TALK focuses on Topsail Cody/ Mr Illuminator bloodlines

CONTINENTAL TRAVEL focuses on Poco Dakota Cowboy/ King Cutter Jim bloodlines

*** Both Stallions have been color tested***

***Both Stallions are also five panel tested through AQHA via UC Davis and are Negative for all five diseases***

Contact Us:

Kelly- 605-281-0730
Jack- 605-281-0731 

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Buyer Etiquette & Responsibility 


**Buyers have an obligation to represent honestly their skill level and intentions. Buyers who donít take the time and trouble to learn good horsemanship ruin good horses quickly.  Remember no horse is ever "finished." They are sensitive creatures that continue to learn new behaviors throughout their lives.  A novice horse person will "undo" professional training in a matter of minutes. We don't want to sell you an unsuitable horse. Help us help you with accurate representation of your riding limits, experience and goals. If a horseís price is more than you want to spend, ask whether itís negotiable before you make an appointment. If the answer is no, there's no point wasting each others time. Please wait to inquire until you are ready to acquire a horse rather than just beginning to shop. Otherwise inquisition is pointless and the horses you inquire about will likely be sold before you have a chance to see or consider them. If you need to sell your existing horse before acquiring a new one, please address that issue first. If you are serious about one of our horses consider putting a deposit to hold or buy yourself first right of refusal to avoid the heartache of finding out your ideal horse has sold out from under you. This seems to happen way too often and can be heartbreaking for the seller too if the more appropriate or worthy prospective owner misses their chance. Another important realization is that our horse prices can increase every month in direct proportion to the cost of full care, training and competition. Expect that the horse will perform better for the professional trainer it has bonded to than will be the case with you. Subtle differences in riding technique produce very different responses from the horse.  It may just be a matter of time and a little professional help before you and your new horse become a team, do not expect it immediately, they are live animals.


**Vet exams prior to purchase are always welcome.  We have nothing to hide, and buyers are welcome to have horses tested for anything they want and x-rayed from one end to the other if they wish, at the buyers expense.  All Vet exams, Vet Work, Farm calls/Trip charges, Coggins Tests, Health Certificates, or other vet expenses are at buyer's expense.


**All deposits are non-refundable, unless death or injury occurs before time of pick up on a horse.


Deposits are required to hold/reserve a horse and go towards the purchase price! If we have not recieved money the horse is considered for sale. We accept Paypal services (you don't have to be a member to send money through paypal) We also accept cashier checks and certified checks, we also require all checks be mailed certified mail with a tracking number so we can verify payment being sent before we will take a horse off the market.

LS STRAIGHT TALK AQHA#3911340    1999 Grey Stallion

LS Straight Talk is the kind of stallion that everyone wishes for! His barn name is Falco. He is gentle, kind, loyal, and passes all these qualities on to his foals. We have raised up several of his foals and they are the same every year. They are fast learners, pleasers, and hard workers.

Falco has foals that are competing at the AQHA level as well as foals being used on ranches throughout the United States! We have had very possitve feedback, along with repeat buyers of his foals. His foals have proven to excel in all that they are trained for. I've seen his foals rope, trail ride, barrel race, work cattle, and make dreams come true.

Falco does stand to the public and he has his own facebook page as well. Find him on facebook by typing his name into the facebook seach box.

CONTINENTAL TRAVEL AQHA#5179324     2009 Dun Stallion

Continental Travel has been with us since Spring of 2010. His barn name is Gunner. We bought him as a yearling with intent to cut and break him to ride. His mind and conformation made us think otherwise. He has never offered buck and he's never made a wrong move. We sent him off to the trainer and he said he was a breeze to work with. I've used him to sort cows - WOW what an experience that was! He is very cowy and quick on his feet. I have also trail rode him out in the Slim Buttes in South Dakota - very sure footed and not afraid of anything. Smooth, smooth ride that you could ride all day! In 2013, we used him on a few head of mares. As always with a new stallion, we were very nervious at what kind of foals he would throw! As we suspected, they are just like him! Loyal, smart, and LOVE to please. We are now getting feedback from the foal buyers and they are saying the foals (coming 2 year olds now) are very easy to work with, very smart, and easy to break. Be on the lookout for his foals this year!

Gunner has his own facebook page - you can find it on facebook by typing his name into the search box.

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