2014 Weanlings

Welcome to the Ranch.We are located 13 miles SW of Eureka, South Dakota.For 45 years we have run a cow calf herd that we use our horses to manage.They see a lot of open prairie.We feel we produce horses with sound minds,great dispositions,and athletic ability.
We have two stallions that we run:
 LS STRAIGHT TALK focuses on Topsail Cody/ Mr Illuminator bloodlines
CONTINENTAL TRAVEL focuses on Poco Dakota Cowboy/ King Cutter Jim bloodlines.

Contact Us:

Kelly- 605-281-0730 or
Jack- 605-281-0731 or 

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LS STRAIGHT TALK AQHA#3911340    1999

We call our gray stallion Falco.His paternal grandsire is Topsail Cody and his maternal grandsire is Mr Illuminator. His offspring are good minded and break out and ride the very best.He is well broke himself and rides out like a gelding,the kids can get on him in his pasture of mares with a twine string and ride him. He is Heterozygous for Gray and the Cream Gene. This means that he will throw colored foals (palominos, buckskins, cremellos, perlinos, etc) and can throw gray as well. We have had very few red babies.  ls straight talk Pedigree


Continental Travel is our new addition. We have owned him since he was a weanling. He is a Homozygous Black, Heterozygous Dun stallion. He is also Heterozygous for the Agouti gene. He is broke to ride and as smooth as they come. Super COWY and ready to work when you mount up. 2013 will be his first foal crop. We have bred 10 mares to him for the 2013 foaling season. Look at his page for the mares that were selected.

LS Tony Starbrite AQHA#5275789 2009

This little darling is at the trainers for REINING! The trainer said that she is a champion and he can't wait to show her. He is expecting great things from this filly. So be watching for this girl in the future reining competitions. She'll be in the winners circle. She is a Granddaughter of Topsail Cody and Starbrite Starlite.

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